Reds, Greens and a Driver’s Test

So, it’s been 5 days at our new abode, and things have been good, but tiring.  Speaking of our new abode, here it is through my wonderful fisheye adapter for my camera.


(Okay, maybe not exactly a wonderful fisheye adapter, but at least you can see the scope of our Thomas Kinkade-ness.  Sickening, isn’t it?).  If that isn’t bad enough, here’s the road up to our place:


So, on about our third day here, I was looking at the bushes outside of our cathedral windows and noticed some with red berries.  I said to Alex, “I wonder if those are currants?”  Well, I went outside and lo and behold, they were raspberries (obviously I have no idea what currants look like and was just spitballing)!  And a ton of them still on the bush and ripening!  I stuffed myself silly, stuffed Alex silly, and then decided that by next year I’ll have to (re)learn how to can and make jam.  Something about the south really brings out the domestic side of you (for 10 minutes anyway).  So those were our reds.

We were outed rather quickly as not being from anywhere near the south when we ventured to dinner at Cracker Barrel.  I know, not terribly exciting, but we never went in Tucson, and were at odds of where to eat, so we thought we’d give it a try.  Alex ordered turnip greens as a side, and the server asked if he’d like vinegar with them.  He said he was fine, and she asked right away, “So, where y’all from?”  Busted!  Apparently, anyone properly from the south has vinegar with their greens.  And here we thought we were so incognito.  Those were our greens.

Hope I never run into those gophers!

Hope I never run into those gophers!

Which brings us to the driving test.  We went to their DMV to switch our licenses over.  After a trip to the ATM because they don’t take debit cards (seriously???), we filled out all the forms, and then the motioned to us to move over to the touch screen monitors to take our test?  WHAT????  I haven’t taken a multiple choice test that wasn’t in an Oprah magazine in ages!!  Why do I need to take a test?  And why on earth would I know what the state can do to you if you refuse a chemical test if suspected of DUI?  Or what percentage of accidents are caused by drunk drivers?  Why are all these questions about alcohol?  Do they suspect something?  WAIT!  What do you mean I failed?!?!?!  That’s right, folks.  I, most ashamedly, failed the driving test.  After my incredulous reaction to the debit card thing, the man was only too happy to oh so condescendingly hand me the driver’s manual.  I tucked it between my legs and waddled out of the building.  I haven’t yet mustered the nerve to return.  Though I should go back before I forget the answers to the questions that I missed.

I stopped into my new office for a short time yesterday and today.  Yesterday I came in to get my new App Card, and today came in for my parking permit and to attend the quarterly staff meeting.  When I got my permit, referring to the difficulty finding surface lot parking the woman said, “This really is just a hunting permit.” I promptly responded, “Well, here’s hoping I tag out!”  She laughed the entire rest of the time I was in the building.  Score one for communicating with locals!  And speaking of my office, I have an office.  An actual office, with a door and windows.  Huge windows!  A window bigger than me even (I know Steve, that’s difficult to accomplish).  When it won’t seem weird that I’m that excited about windows, I’ll post a picture.

We got down to 39 last night, though the days have still been pretty warm.  Not in the 90’s mind you, but warm nonetheless.  We had our first fuel oil refill for our water stove (so the heating works by heating water and pushing it through the baseboards).  The oil man pulled out of our driveway with both my arms and a leg.  Next time he’ll have to harvest from Alex, I’ve only got one leg left to stand on (I’m typing this with my nose).

Hope everyone is doing well back in the desert!

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6 Responses to Reds, Greens and a Driver’s Test

  1. Bonnie and Danny says:

    If you come across and sayings you don’t understand like ( fix’in to, get down and come in…etc) just text me. And ALWAYS get vinegar with your turnip greens or mustard greens. And if you get a chance to get some crawfish, be sure you don’t eat the dead ones.

    • racheybug says:

      Ha! I know about the dead ones!! The turnip greens was new, and I did find out today that you have a picture made, not taken. What was I thinking?! I also learned that directions rarely include street names. Why would those be important???

  2. Street names are unimportant- Go down to where the Greens usta live, turn left at the rusty mailbox, then it’s just down yonder a bit.

  3. lepayne says:

    We now have something else in common — we have both eaten at the same Cracker Barrel.

  4. Amanda Treadwell says:

    Oof! Oil heat. We have had those in various places that I have lived in. Try to substitute with electric heaters, plastic up the windows and if the house is still drafty you can always put curtains up in the doorways to help keep heat in certain areas. 🙂 Welcome to the east coast!

    • racheybug says:

      So, it technically isn’t oil heat. The oil is used to heat water, which is forced through the baseboards. It’s called a water stove. So far it seems to work pretty well, but for a lifetime desert girl, all concepts of heat that aren’t from the sun seem weird….

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