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Random musings on getting old . . . .

So I’ve been contemplative of late, and figured I’d just share that with everyone.  This won’t be a post full of the usual good humor, but as a wise man once said, “Better out than in.” (Okay, maybe some humor, … Continue reading

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First week, first visitors, and first freeze in the books!

Hello all!  I survived my first week, and with flying colors I might add.  Some days were a little hectic (Tuesday I discovered that breathing really is optional), but some days were much more laid back.  I was able to … Continue reading

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My first day!

Today was my first day at a new job in 15 years, at a new university in 17 years! My morning started with something that I’d never seen, 5:15 a.m.  Then, I met something else that I’d never seen before, … Continue reading

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Reds, Greens and a Driver’s Test

So, it’s been 5 days at our new abode, and things have been good, but tiring.  Speaking of our new abode, here it is through my wonderful fisheye adapter for my camera. (Okay, maybe not exactly a wonderful fisheye adapter, … Continue reading

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I mentioned our happy mutt.  She loves to run in the grass.  However, as she’s been an inside dog most of her life, it doesn’t take long to tire her out.  A couple of skips across the yard and she’s … Continue reading

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Away we go!

So first, yes, I am blogging.  I’d been told a number of times over the years that I should blog, but I’ve always thought, ‘Who the heck wants to hear about my boring life?’  So I decided to shake it … Continue reading

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